Aileen Journey eLearning developer

My Background

I started in Instructional Design in 2003 designing curricula for Deaf and Hard of Hearing High School students. Originally I created slides in PowerPoint and later combined those with a Smartboard.

For students often disillusioned with school and dealing with a variety of learning disabilities, I worked to make visual and engaging slides to go along with each lecture in addition to interactive games.

Starting in 2006 I worked as an online college instructor and designed my curriculum in the LMS of the particular school including Blackboard and Moodle.

In 2014 I began using Adobe Captivate as a tool to develop interactive click-through e-learnings to support the understanding of proprietary software used by a state agency. In addition to Captivate, I use tools such as image, video, and audio editors to add content, interest and interactivity to all e-learnings I develop.

My Process

I have spent years developing an efficient process for creating the design that is most useful to my audience. I always start by gathering as much information about audience, time-constraints, preferences and instructional goals as possible.

I, then, turn this information into a robust storyboard with slide titles, narrative/script, visual notes and any other notes. I can build the project from this storyboard and easily change things along the way.

From the storyboard I put together a rough draft of the project the client has asked for and solicit a list of feedback of changes they want. I can then incorporate these changes and create a finished product.


If you'd like an e-learning developed that will be ready to immediately be uploaded to your LMS or used elsewhere contact me by clicking the Contact Me button