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Rolling out a software update or even a new piece of software? I can design an e-learning that can be taken any time on any device that shows someone how to actually click through the software so your audience can get comfortable with what they're doing.

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I make eLearnings to help teach people how to do what you want them to know how to do. I will build an eLearning module that your audience can use from most anywhere to quickly learn or review a process, procedure or learn new information so you and your company can grow and expand without stopping to train with every new person or new technology added.

If you want to help your employees, customers, stakeholders or others to learn something new whether it's new policies, software upgrades or they’re just coming onboard for the first time. My eLearnings will make the process of learning the information convenient, easy to access and available both for quick information and no-bother review when needed.

I can efficiently create eLearning modules for you to keep and continue deploying as necessary, keeping your training and development budget low, while remaining effective.

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Have an idea for creating an eLearning module for your business? Contact me to discuss your needs. No charge until we've agreed on the scope and details of the project.